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We offer the following:


- clipping to breed standard or bespoke to your needs;
- micro chipping;

- scissor trims to give the most natural effect;

- hand stripping, the best way to keep a natural coat especially in wire haired breeds;

- hydro massage baths;

- spa facials,including cleansing skin folds and nose conditioning treatments to prevent cracks;

- nail clipping and pedicures,including pad conditioning treatments;

- ear cleaning and plucking;

- emptying of anal glands;

- help and advice on all aspects of animal care;

- pet sitting, upon request;

- de-matting and coat care;

- training.



Our dedicated team provide a professional pet grooming service; your pet is our highest concern. With the latest professional grooming equipment from the safety and security of our private van, we offer a range of treatments to treat or pamper your pet, be it dog, cat, rabbit or guinea-pig!


Bespoke Pet Grooming understands that your pet is important to you and your family. We have qualified and experienced staff to help your pet relax and enjoy its pampering time. We are mobile for ease and convenience to you and your pet. Your pet is treated like one of our own and whilst in our care we ensure it is comfortable and safe. We aim to ensure your pet is not unduly stressed and allow plenty of time between appointments.


All pets in our care are insured by Pet Plan.


We also understand that not only dogs benefit from regular grooming sessions but cats, rabbits and guinea-pigs enjoy being pampered, especially long haired breeds such as angora, persians, maine coons and ragdolls. By grooming your pet regularly we can help detect any health problems early, prevent matting which can be sore and uncomfortable and help keep flea, ticks and mite infestations at bay. We can clip claws, preventing damage to furniture and scratches to yourself whilst handling.


Our van is equipped with the latest technology Hydro Bath which helps to deliver outstanding results preventing your pet having to be wet for a prolonged time. Whilst washing your pet we'll massage their skin helping to increase circulation and movement. We offer a range of shampoo and conditioning treatments including scented, medicated, black coat and white coat (to enhance the colour), balsam, de-matting conditioners and more. We use special pet high velocity dryers which quickly and efficiently dry your pets coat, remove dead hair and remove surface matting.    


We strive to achieve the look you want, be it to kennel club breed standard or to your own pet wishes. We have the latest equipment so we can provide clipping, scissor trims and styling. We are also experienced hand strippers to help keep coats natural especially in show and wire hair breeds. We trim nails, pluck ears and clean, de-matt, empty anal glands (preventing trips to the vet) and remove ticks.


Whether you book a full treatment, part treatment or shampoo and condition, we cater for your pets individual needs and your personal wishes.


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